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11th August 2005

spiderbabyx9:41pm: DIEPART
There is a really cool, Iowa-specific haunting site run by the Des Moines Iowa Extreme Paranormal Advanced Research Team at www.diepart.com

It says Des Moines, but it's got stories and investigations from all over Iowa. I thought it was really cool and wanted to share.

8th July 2005

gh0stgir11:32pm: Ghost Chat Room
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i am sorry to seem like im spamming, but just wanted to share this for those who might be interested, do hope the moderators here wont kick me

14th June 2005

crazyrichardson3:54pm: woodland in des moines again
I drove through Woodland Cemetary today. It was pretty kewl. There are some really awesome tombstones there and I felt at peace there. I didn't really feel too much at first, but then I got dropped off, and walked around in it a bit. I could feel stirrings here and there, nothing too strong, but I could feel as though something was watching me. So, as I often do, I verbally acknowledged it, and then things got a bit more excited. The wind picked up at the same moment, though that could have been just a random event, but it did add to the feeling.

I walked around some of the tombstones, and could feel as if something was walking with me. I tried to feel it out some more but couldn't get the best of feels on it. It seemed to keep itself shield away from me. I knew it was there, but couldn't get too much more going. I could feel that it wasn't from there, it had a trace of wandering to it. It had almost a saddness to it, as if it was searching for something, and hadn't found it yet. It was growing weak too, perhaps it needed rest. I was there during the daytime, in full light, so maybe that had to do with it as well. It seems the spirits like the darkness, perhaps its just that our minds have been told since youth that graveyards are haunted at night or that spirits move at night and so their are more barriers up for us, or maybe there is something to it.

I want to go back with some cameras though, so many times I felt the urge to take a picture and regreted not haveing one with me. When I get the chance, I will go back, and when I get the chance I'll be going in again after the sun goes down.

8th June 2005

sextanika10:59am: Newbie here
I came across this community and thought I would introduce myself!

My name is Casper, and I live in What Cheer which is by Oskaloosa. I have been a ghost hunter since birth, and am obsessed with abandoned and haunted places.
I do a lot of extensive work, and even though it's all volunteer I love every moment of it. You can see my work at Lost Destinations under my name Casper of course. Winter is usually my down time. This spring and summer there is going to be an outburst of updates there. As soon as my bestest friend Shady can get off her ass and get to work doing the updates ;-). teehee
I will be returning to the Oakland Cemetary in July to share stories of the Black Angel and Annie Oliver to a Girl Scout Troop who kindly asked me for assistance!

I am also a mod at the community, abandonediowa. It's slowly expanding.

I am always on the look out for people to explore with, and if the pictures get posted, you will receive recognition.

Anyways! It's great to find another Iowa Community that is into the same things!

7th June 2005

crazyrichardson9:55pm: saw this on another site, and thought it was neat
Some types of Hauntings!

Sleep Paralysis
While not actually a paranormal event, Sleep Paralysis is very common sleep disorder that is commonly mistaken for an encounter with a ghost. Typically, a person experiencing sleep paralysis will wake up unable to move, and feel as if they are not alone. According to sleep researchers, when you enter REM sleep, your brain “disconnects” from your body. This way you won’t move in your sleep and act out your dreams. When you wake, the brain “reconnects.” In the case of sleep paralysis this reconnection is out of sync with waking, so you are still dreaming, but awake and still “disconnected” from your muscles. In an attempt to find order, your brain combines what your waking mind is telling with your dreaming mind. The result is often very frightening.

Residual Haunting
In a Residual Haunting, you may hear strange sounds, footsteps, voices and see some type of apparition. However, there is no real interaction between these events and the witnesses. A Residual Haunting is energy that as been “recorded” and is now “playing back”. The events may be linked to the location or an object in the location. These events may be triggered by any number of factors including new residents, redecorating or remodeling, moving or removing objects.

Intelligent Haunting
An Intelligent Haunting is caused by an entity (or entities) that have an agenda and wish to interact with the witnesses in some way. This kind of haunting may include strange sounds, footsteps, the movement or disappearance of objects, cold chills, a strong sense of presence and possibly some type of apparition. In the case of the Intelligent Haunting, it is assumed that the entity is trying to get the attention of the witnesses for some reason. In order deal with this type of hunting, it is going to important to try to communicate with the entity and attempt to find out what it wants. Intelligent haunting may be linked to a location, a person or group of people.

Poltergeist Activity
Poltergeist outbreaks tend to be dramatic but short lived bursts of activity. Loud sounds, quickly moving objects, and broken objects are characteristic of this type of event. They tend to center around a specific individual (typically an adolescent girl). Often, removing that individual from the setting causes the activity to cease. It is commonly believed among paranormal researchers that Poltergeist outbreaks are some form of psychic event involving psychokinesis (PK), the ability to move objects by the using the mind.

Crisis Apparition
This is the appearance of an apparition of a loved one or friend who is in danger or who has just died. Typically the apparition is trying to communicate with the witness and warn them about some danger or to say good-bye. Crisis Apparitions have been seen of both the living and the recently dead.

Here is some of the equipment to use to detect or verify findings (Listed below!)

Camera & video camera- Spirit energy can be photographed. Orb's / mist etc.

EMF Meter- ( Electromagnetic field meter) detecting electromagnetic energy,

it is believed that a spirit will produce/disrupt the energy area.

Pendulum- Detecting positive & negative energy.

Tape recorder- EVP's -( Electronic Voice Phenomena) spirit sounds, voices etc.

Divining Rods- Detecting positive & negative energy.

Temperature gauge- detecting temperature changes.

Compass- detecting spirit energy.

Flash lights

Two-way radio communication devices.

6th June 2005

crazyrichardson6:58pm: I've been thinking about cemetraries a lot lately and I have decided to start taking pictures of different ones. There are a few local ones that I want to go to, some are because I have family in them, others are because they are beautiful, others because I am wanting to 'research' them. I was thinking of which ones I want to go to, and I came up with a place that I want to go again. I have a cousin's dad that lives in southern Iowa, few hours drive from here, and he lives on the onset of like 100,000 acres of protected woodlands. Recently, not sure how recent, but like in the last 10 years, a cemetary was re-found in his area, it dates back to like the cival war, and it has trees growing up into it.

I got the chance to visit the place at night, around midnight and it was wonderful, I only wished that I had brought a camera. The kewl thing is my 'cousin' said that anytime I want to go down there, just give him a call, and I can even camp out on his huge lawn.

I'm not sure what he would think of me taking people with me, but I do know that once I know where its at, I will be able to tell people how to get there and such. I'll also get pictures of the place and other cemetaries when I get the chance.

29th May 2005

ellehina11:26am: Freaky
x-posted in from my own journal.

Ok so last night I picked up a friend from a bar and drove them home around 1:30. So anyway I'm driving past one of the big graveyards in town and I notice one of the streetlights turn off as I go past. I'm not sure why but this struck me as weird so I started looking in my mirrors to try and find it. I pulled up to a red light at the corner of the graveyard and was looking for the light and couldn't see it. The light turned green but I hesitated a moment longer trying to find the light that had gone out. Then just as I gave up and put my foot on the gas a car came flying through the interesection. If I had not been looking for the damned light I would have been t-boned!!! I'm thouroughly convinced that SOMETHING saved my life. Like I said. FREAKY!!

Ok a little bit more info for the people on this community. The graveyard in question is Woodland and I was on Woodland coming up to the MLK intersection.

26th May 2005

hushedunspoken3:22pm: villisca axe murder house
i wanted to mention the villisca axe murder house....i know it is not exactly central iowa, but since it is pretty close i thought it might be a point of interest. i am in iowa city and from what i can determine it is about a 3.5 hr drive toward the southwest corner of iowa from here.

when i first moved to iowa i started digging around on the internet to find out if there were any haunts that i could check out, and i practically became obsessed with this place for quite a while...it is FASCINATING.

if any of you don't already know about this place you can check out a really interesting report from professional paranormal investigation that was done at this house.
here is the link http://www.millersparanormalresearch.com
and then just click on "business case #7--villisca"

there is also more info about this house on the officalwebsite http://www.villiscaiowa.com/

the current owners of this house offer tours and overnight stays...i am really hoping to at least take the tour this fall if not book the overnight stay...when i do i will make sure to post my experience and photos.

29th April 2005

3rdrate4:39pm: Strangewire

Hey, just wanted to let you guys know about Strangewire.com, a blog for all things paranormal, supernatural, and the like from legitimate news sources. Unlike the type of sites and columns that deal in "wacky news"-style articles about goofy work mishaps and amusing medical malpractice, Strangewire attempts to deal with phenomena that are part of a bigger question, from strange lights in the sky in the south-west US, to a man with claims of a haunting in Australia, from zombies and voodoo practice in Haiti to global government conspiracies. Fox Mulder's favorite blog, in other words. Recent articles include headlines such as "FLESH CHUNKS IN IOWA WATER LINES" and "NEW JAPANESE GHOST DETECTOR FOR SALE."

Check out Strangwire.com, or just add the livejournal feed here to your friends list.

Nick, SW

7th February 2005

ellehina12:03pm: Update on our house
OK so here's a few more tidbits about our house. BJ and I have taken to calling the ghost Brian. Because a couple of weeks ago a 2 year old was at our house and out of no where started yelling for "Brian". She doesn't know anyone named Brian and it really confused me and her mom. This same woman spent the night at our place this weekend and had the blanket she was using readjusted for her by someone! BJ and I were both SOUND ASLEEP! So it would appear he does interact with our environment but still I'm not too concerned about it. As long as he doesn't show signs of being a negative being I'm not gonna worry about it.
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17th January 2005

ellehina7:19am: our new haunted house
OK I just realized I've never shared this story here and it's fairly recent. It was a month or so after we moved in here. BJ was out doing something with Bunny and Sparky and all four girls were playing upstairs. I was in the kitchen doing the dishes I believe but I don't remember what I was doing for sure. I noticed movement in the dinning room and looked up. I saw a man sized (by that I mean like the height of BJ or Sparky) figure walk through the dinning room. I was very startled and when I double checked there was nothing. Now of course the man sized figure walking through the dinning room should kinda be proof enough that it was a 'ghost' since there was no one here that it could have been. But when I thought about what I had seen again as soon as I realized 'he' was gone I realized 'he' had walked through the area of the dinning room where the table is. In other words it walked right through the table too. BJ swears he's seen him a couple of times too. We haven't noticed anything particularly weird otherwise unless the behavior of the cats is sometimes weird and that's just hard to say with these cats.

10th January 2005

spiderbabyx8:55pm: Discussion question
Has anyone had any experiences with any public places around here? (like places we all have been/could easily visit).

I'm curious. Me - not really. The basement of the Art Center gives me the screaming heebie jeebies for some reason, but I don't know why, I didn't see or hear anything odd there.

So, if anyone knows of a public place I could check out, I'd be very happy.

Woodland Cemetary is supposedly hopping with otherworldly things, but as much time as I've spent there, I never have seen or heard or even felt anything, except peacefulness. But I am extraordinarly fond of cemetaries and Woodland is my favorite. I'm considering taking the guided tour of it sometime.
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crazyrichardson8:32pm: cold shadow
Well, the other day in my apartment I was walking around, and I could feel a cold "shadow" fall upon me. It seemed to be very challenging to me, and I could almost feel its dislike for me. Immeditly I checked to see if the heat was on and it was, and checked the windows, they were all closed. This cold breeze came out of nowhere. Then again I could feel it challenge me, so I fought back. I told it to be gone and that none here wanted it. I could feel it push back, but I "willed" it back. Again I told it to be gone, and this time I could feel it failing, and again I told it to be gone, and never again return, putting as much "will" behind it, and then I could feel it brake and left. Since then my dreams have been much better, and I'm not as worried about the future. Though my kids looked at me like I was odd, cause I was talking to the air.

1st January 2005

crazyrichardson8:03pm: Pamela
I grew up in a house where there was a "ghost" My parents knew about it before I was even born, and it was something I grew up with. It was joked about at times, but it seemed everyone commented about her at times. My brother Aaron was the one that "discovered" her name. He started calling her Pamela, and from how the story goes, she told him. She lived in our basement, and thats where my brother ended up with his room, so he seemed to know her best. From the moment that my parents moved into the house they would smell the scent of flowers, roses I believe. Even my Grandfather had commented about the smell. Roses has long been related to ghosts and such. We all had our encounters with the ghost. Doors opening and shutting, steps across the wooden floors, lights being on in empty rooms where it was dark. She was a nice ghost though, didn't mean any harm. Hard to say what it is, persay, I've never been one to fully understand ghosts. I've heard all the ideas people have, and I agree with some.

I remember one time when I was sitting in the living room with my dad, and the basement door opened up, and drifted shut again, and then you could hear creaks in the floor as if someone was walking along the floor, and then the front door opened up a bit, and the screen door did too. me and my dad both looked at each other and were like, I wonder where Pamela is going today" Then my Dad got up and shut the front door.

29th August 2004

ellehina5:08pm: Alien story
Ok here's my story about a possible alien abduction experience.

This was back when I was pregnant with Chani, who just turned 9. BJ had gone out to pick up a friend who needed to sleep off some stuff. I laid down to get some rest and then the next thing I know he's waking me up. I didn't even remember falling asleep. Though I shouldn't say the next thing as I did have a dream. I had a dream that I was holding the baby and BJ's step mom was trying to get me to give the baby to her. I didn't want to and she was getting very upset. I don't really remember any more of it except that she kept getting more and more insistant which really scared me. Now I know this on it's own is no reason to think that it wasn't really a dream but an abduction but it's what happened the next morning while BJ was at work that convinced me it was some sort of abduction covered up as a dream. I got a nosebleed, not too weird really. BUT once it started it kept going and going and it was GUSHING blood. It got to the point that when I went to grab another kleenex blood splattered all over the wall. I hadn't done anything at all to give myself a nosebleed either. Then after a bit this really freaky slimy slug thing came out when I blew my nose. Unfortunately I threw it away so we didn't get to look at it later. I had lost a lot of blood too, I was really pale and weak when BJ came home. I'm convinced the slug thing was some sort of implant though what for I have no clue. Well that's about all there is to it and I can totally understand if you don't believe me.

25th August 2004

spiderbabyx2:33pm: Oh yeah
I have one other strange incident of which I still have tangible proof. I had a fork apparate in my kitchen several months ago. I was alone in the kitchen when I heard a thump like a utensil falling from about 4-6 inches from the floor. When I turned around, a strange fork was laying on the kitchen floor. I'd never seen it before. It doesn't match mine. It's the strangest thing. I still have it, I don't eat with it just out of principle, but I can show people when I tell the story. :-)

18th August 2004

spiderbabyx12:47pm: The obvious one I missed
I forgot. I grew up in a house that was mildly haunted. Although whatever it was seemed centered around Em and I. We would often hear footsteps upstairs when only the two of us were home. Usually it would walk from my parents room (opening and shutting their door) and walk halfway down the stairs. When we checked, we'd see nothing. If we were upstairs, it would open and shut the front door or the basement door and sometimes would call my sister's name in a man's voice (and she mistook it for our Dad). It would say "Emily!" or "Emily, come here". Once, when I was laying in my bed, the man's voice whispered "Get out of this room!" to me. Sometimes it would move our stuff. It never touched us and we never saw anything, but it would give the cats quite a scare from time to time.

It didn't happen constantly though. Just sometimes. Maybe every other week or less. It was more active sometimes and sometimes months passed with nothing. I don't know who it would be. Our family (first my grandparents, now my parents) owned the house since the late 1950's. As far as we know nobody died there.

Now, the thing my parents experienced too: We had a haunted TV. It liked to turn itself off and on and change the channel. It preferred to watch Lifetime. It was a minor nuisance. He started off messing with the TV every so often but it got to where he did it several times a day until my parents got rid of that TV. My uncle fixed it, but it didn't help. We called the ghost Bernard and sometimes asking him by name to leave the TV alone helped for a little while. Hiding the remote from him helped for a little while too, but neither of these things assured you that the TV would be left alone. But when my parents got rid of the Zenith, Bernard left too. Dad didn't like to address him, he would mostly grumble and cuss when Bernard started his antics, but the rest of us were amused and would just ask him to leave the TV alone.

I had friends report feeling creeped out by staying in our house, espescially in one of the upstairs bedrooms, but I don't remember who all said that. My sister's best friend was there a few of the times when we heard things. I should my sister if she remembers any more than I do.
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spiderbabyx9:45am: My one local UFO experience
This happened the summer of 1995. I was playing basketball at a local middle school (Brody in Des Moines) with a friend of mine (the mods will remember him as my ex-boyfriend, Ben). We had remained friends and so we were hanging out. Brody is right behind the apartments he used to live in. It was around 9pm, so it was dark. After we shot some hoops, we sat down to rest and talk a bit with our backs against the wall of the school (facing the basketball court and field behind it). We chatted for a few moments when suddenly we both felt like we were being watched. We looked at each other with trepidation in our eyes and then both turned our heads toward the field.

Hovering not all that far above the nearby trees was a large UFO. It was clearly not a plane, ballooon, helicopter or any other craft we were familiar with and as close to us as it was, we should have been able to hear it, but it was silent. It was round with some lights on the side and was enormous. We stood up slowly and started to head back to where Ben lived. The UFO started toward us, getting closer and a little lower. We broke into a run and didn't stop until we got to Ben's apartment. Breathlessly we told his Dad what we saw and the three of us got in the car and drove up to Brody again. It was still there, only much higher up. It stayed for a few minutes before quickly flying off and dropping behind the horizon when we tried to follow in the car.

I wish one of us had thought to bring a camera when we went back because I would love to have a picture of it.
spiderbabyx8:51am: Newbie post
Hello. Here's a story I have about the trailer my aunt lives in (in Urbandale). She's got a ghost in it that walks slowly, but deliberately down the hall at 6 am and midnight. It's the freakiest thing. It didn't happen when she first moved in, it started a few months later. My sister and I spent the night there and we'd stay up late to hear the footsteps. Em always freaked out a couple minutes early and buried her head in her pillows, but my cousin and I listened. The steps start in the hall just past the living room, walk past my aunts room, past the bathroom and stop just outside the doorway to the back bedroom (my cousins' room). One could never see or feel anything, just hear the footsteps. And sometimes feel a menacing feeling from whatever it was. But it never hurt us.

I've got more hauntings and one UFO experience I plan to share in the future. And I'm also gonna go pimp this community in community_promo if nobody objects. The paranormal is a subject that has always fascinated me too.
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17th August 2004

ellehina12:33pm: My big story
Ok I'm going to post the one story I have that's more than just a line or two.
This happened back when I was still in high school though I'm not sure when in my parents' house. My mom was gone on a trip I believe and my dad was at the church or at work I'm not sure which. My sister had the church bible quizz team over to practice and I decided to make chocolate chip cookies. I didn't actually get them into the oven until after the quizz team left though. Well when I got the first batch out of the oven and was going to get them off the cookie sheet and put them on waxed paper. Well the first one I tried slipped off the spatula so I tried it again and it slipped off again. This went on for a couple of tries. I called my sister in cause it was pretty weird and as we watched me try to get it on the spatula, making sure the spatula was angled back so the cookie couldn't slip down and off, we watched the cookie spin and slide UP the spatula and off. Needless to say we ran screaming from the house. After a minute or so we went back in and tried the same thing again, it did it again. We freaked but a little less and eventually got a hold of someone from our church who came and took us to their place till dad got home. If it hadn't been for the fact that I am absolutely certain I watched that cookie slide up the spatula I would probably just brush it aside as some weird childish thing but I KNOW I watched it slide up and that's just impossible.

16th August 2004

ssendas10:17pm: Welcome!
I'll get things started by posting one of my own stories.

Ok this was about six and half years ago when I worked security. We had a motion detector that was tripped up in the fourth floor of a distribution company in Des Moines, this was the executive suite. So naturally being the foot patrol officer guess who had to go check it out. Now the interesting thing about this particular area of the building is that standard procedure dictated that other than the security features (closed circuit cameras, motion detectors, etc) the power was shut off to the entire floor during non buisiness hours, because apparently things had a tendency to turn on all on their own if the power was left on. So when I got up there the power was on and the computers were on and there was a lit cigar sitting on one of the desks. I quickly radioed my supervisor and let him know what I'd found. He came up to help me check the floor. We didn't find anyone. You couldn't get to this floor without using a security card and when we checked the logs no one had been up since the end of the work day on Friday, this was Monday night and it had been a holiday so the place had been closed. So we turned the computers back off and went down one floor to the security room for this floor so we could turn the power back off and check the security camera. Well when we looked at the security camera tapes about ten minutes before the motion detector had been triggered it changed to static then at exactly the time the motion detector went off the static stopped and two minutes later I showed up.

There were lots of other things that happened at this place and I'm sure I'll post more in the future. I'd tell you the name of the place but I signed a nondisclosure agreement so I can't.
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